GA Release Matrix

The table lists the latest frevvo released versions.

Product Version Matrix
ProductLatest VersionRelease Date
Live Forms Cloudv9.0.610/12/2019
Live Forms In-housev9.0.710/25/2019
Live Forms for Confluencev9.0.610/16/2019
frevvo Confluence Pluginsee ref

Please refer to the Confluence Add-on Release Notes

frevvo Database Connectorv2.6.0

9/12/19 Please refer to the Database Connector Release Notes.

frevvo Google Connectorv2.4.0

9/12/19 Please refer to the Google Connector Release Notes.

frevvo PVE Connectorv5.6.09/12/19 Please refer to the PVE Connector Release Notes
frevvo Filesystem Connectorv.1.2.09/12/19 Please refer to the Filesystem Connector Release Notes
frevvo API .NET Clientsee refPlease refer to Data API Client Libraries Releases
frevvo SharePoint Connectorv1.0.39/12/19 Please refer to the SharePoint Connector Release Notes

Live Forms v9.0

Cloud Upgrade: 8/24/2019

In House Release: 10/16/2019

v9.0 is a major new release. Please see the Detailed Release Notes for specific version enhancements and tickets fixed.