The ™ Workflow Designer is the heart of ' simple, quick, no-coding required workflow creation. The Workflow Design Wizard enables you to create both multi-page forms and workflows that route your form through an approval process collecting Electronic Signatures  along the way and the Workflow Designer allows you to customize the workflow for your business needs.

If you are looking for detailed step by step instructions to create a workflow, refer to the Getting Started with Workflows tutorial. We strongly recommend that you jump directly to the Workflow Tutorial if you are already comfortable using the Workflow Designer. The Workflow Tutorial assumes that you have some basic understanding of the Workflow Designer. The Workflow Tutorial teaches you important workflow design patterns and increases your skills using the many workflow designer features.

You can find many example workflows in the Workflow Design Patterns chapter. This is a very good place to get a quick overview of how to design and use frevvo workflows.

Workflow Design Wizard

Workflow Tutorial

Workflow Design Patterns

Workflow Designer

Palette Controls for Workflows

Adding Steps to a Workflow

Designing Steps in a Workflow

Linked Steps in a Workflow

Editing Workflow Properties

Editing Step Properties

Form and Doc Action Wizards

Printing Workflows