The initial release of Version 9.2 will be deployed to the frevvo Cloud in April 2020. This is a Cloud-only release.

Automatic Upgrade for Live Forms Online (Cloud Hosted) Customers

Live Forms Online cloud hosted customers will be automatically upgraded in April 2020. The automatic cloud upgrade will be seamless. If you have any questions, please email

Migration Considerations

Resource Names & Descriptions

In v9.2, Names and Descriptions of resources (forms, workflows, projects, styles) will be truncated to 255 characters, and Space names truncated to 50 characters, to improve resource index for search. Existing resources with longer names will also be truncated, so you may see your current projects, forms, workflows, etc. with their names shortened if they were very long.

Refresh Searchable Items

The Refresh Searchable Fields option on the Tenant Admin and Server Admin page has been re-titled "Refresh Searchable Items." It now includes the ability to refresh the searchable fields in forms/workflows or the resources used by the Search Feature (projects, forms, schemas, etc.) Cloud customers still need to contact frevvo to request a tenant-wide refresh of searchable items.

Upgrade Threshold

A minimum prior version of v7.0 is required for upgrade to v9.2+. The frevvo infrastructure team has verified that active Cloud customers have met this requirement.

API Applications must support TLS 1.2

The Live Forms server was recently upgraded to support TLS 1.2. Live Forms will drop support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 on May 25, 2020. Cloud Customers using the frevvo client API library must revise their applications to support TLS 1.2 as soon as possible and no later than May 25, 2020. You may implement these changes immediately. If you do not update your application to support TLS 1.2, your API application may stop working on May 25, 2020.

New Features 

v9.2 includes exciting features for both new and experienced designers that help you create workflows easily and better utilize your current content. To see all of the new features for v9.2 visit our Detailed Release Notes page. Here are some highlights to get you started:  

Watch our 30-minute What's New in v9.2 Webinar for a tour of our favorite new features!

Workflow Design Wizard

Creating workflows is faster than ever with ' built in Workflow Design Wizard! Simply click "Create a New Workflow" from your Projects or Forms and Workflows home page to launch the wizard. Here's a quick video of how it works:


We are excited to roll out a search feature that many customers have asked for. Search can be used to search for the following content items owned by, or shared with, the user:

On each user's homepage, they will see a magnifying glass icon in the orange header bar. Search is available on any of the left-hand menu items (Projects, Spaces, etc.) It will not appear inside the Form or Workflow Designer screens.

Click on the search icon to open a Search Box. The cursor will automatically appear inside the search box and you can begin typing your search criteria.

Begin typing a few characters to start the search. Search looks for the criteria in the name and description of the user's content. Results will appear when the user pauses or finishes typing. Continue typing to narrow the search. The results will disappear when the user clicks away from the search/results window.

Results will show up to 20 items in each of the categories below, in this order. If there are fewer than 20 items in a category, more results can be offered for the next category. There will always be a maximum of 120 results. The results include icons indicating the type of resource (i.e. form or workflow), and also indicates the location of the resource, such as the project name.

To search your task list, continue to use the Search Tasks feature.

This Search feature currently does not search for controls within forms or workflows. You can search for controls by opening your form or workflow designer, and using your browser search function (i.e. Ctrl-f) to search for a control name.