Automatic Upgrade for frevvo Online (Cloud Hosted) Customers

frevvo Online cloud hosted customers receive a seamless automatic cloud upgrade. If you have any questions, please email

New Features 

v10.1 brings customers some exciting new enhancements. We've upgraded our PDF Snapshot generator, so your printable PDFs will be more professional than ever. Digital Signatures are now available on workflow steps performed by email users, giving you confidence that your data is digitally secure from tampering as it routes through your workflow.  is also offering a new Docuware Connector for customers who wish to integrate with their Docuware cloud ECM. To see all of the new features for this release visit our Detailed Release Notes page. Here are some highlights to get you started:  

Watch our What's New in v10.1 Webinar for a tour of our favorite new features!

Signed Section Enhancements

We are very excited to now offer the ability to authenticate the signature of an email user. Email-based signature verification allows designers to use Signed Sections, with all of the benefits of a legally-binding digital signature, for Workflow Steps assigned to email addresses. When an email user clicks to sign, the dialog will display fields to verify the signature and capture first and last name. Sections set to the Wet Signature type will also capture the signature drawing.

If the email entered does not match the email assignment, the error message "Does not match the email address in the notification" will be shown and the signature will not be accepted until the correct email address is provided.

You will also notice that for all Signed Sections, the signature block has a few additional enhancements to provide confidence in the security of these PKI-encrypted digital signatures.

Visit the Electronic Signatures Documentation to learn more.

PDF Snapshot Generation

 v10.1 uses an enhanced technology to generate your form/workflow PDF Snapshots. You will not see any difference in the design-time or run-time user interface, but your PDF snapshot output may be slightly different (better, we hope!) Behind the scenes,  uses Chromium browser as a rendering engine to generate a snapshot. Since the browser supports all the latest HTML + CSS standards, the snapshot output will match the HTML view of a form/workflow. This has several benefits.

Cloud customers do not need to take any action to get all of the benefits of this feature. On Premise customers will need to install the Chrome or Chromium browser on same server where  is installed. Instructions are included in the Upgrade Guide.

Docuware Integration

 now provides a built-in Docuware Connector. Tenant Admins will configure the Docuware integration via the new Manage Connectors page. 

Then, designers can send form/workflow submissions to Docuware using the Document Actions UI. See the Docuware Connector chapter for additional details.

Templatized String Values for Integration

Templatized String Values

When templatized strings are used in integration, such as Document Actions, they will now always send the control's submission document value and not the control's UI formatted value. In past versions, this behavior was inconsistent between forms and workflows. For example, date control values will be sent as yyyy-mm-dd regardless of the date format set in the designer. This consistency will reduce errors due to format incompatibility.

Repeat Control Value Separator for JSON Format

A new repeat control separator for templatized strings has been introduced that formats the control's value as a JSON array. JSON array format is commonly used when generating metadata for the Filesystem Connector and other integrations. To include values from repeating controls in your metadata, designers can now use the built-in separator 'json' i.e. {json|controlname}. This special separator resolves to the JSON format, and is far simpler than the previous method of specifying the JSON separator characters i.e. ["{","|controlname}"]. 

Migration Considerations

PDF Snapshot Generator

Templatized Strings for Integration

External URLs

If you previously used the frevvo.forms.server.external.url property to set your forms server external URL, this property has been deprecated. Instead, configure a Tomcat proxy in the HTTP connector (port 8082) of the <frevvo-home>\tomcat\conf\server.xml file. See the External URLs Documentation for instructions.

The frevvo.internal.baseurl property no longer exists in v10+. Any setting in frevvo.internal.baseurl will be ignored by frevvo.

The connector with port 8081 was newly added to server.xml in v10+. Please ensure this port is available for  to use. As indicated in the server.xml, changing the frevvo internal connector 8081 settings in the server.xml file can cause unexpected changes, and is not advised. 

<!-- A "Connector" used for internal frevvo calls: DO NOT MODIFY IT! -->
    <Connector address="" port="8081" protocol="org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol"
               useBodyEncodingForURI="true" /> <!-- makes sure that uri parameter are decoded as utf-8 -->

If you need to change the internal port, please see this Default Internal Port documentation.

Selection Controls with Comment Enabled

Selection controls with comments enabled that were created prior to v10.1.0 may have encountered a bug where the comment value was cleared after saving to the task list or continuing the workflow to the next step. Starting in v10.1.11, workflows with this bug can be fixed. The designer must take the following action to fix this issue.

  1. Edit the workflow. 
  2. Click "Forms" in the Guided Designer Navigation toolbar.
  3. Select the form that contains the selection control with comment enabled.
  4. Save and close the workflow. The control will be updated on the save action.
  5. Repeat for each form in the workflow the contains a selection control with comment enabled.

Any workflows started after this fix will not encounter this issue. Existing tasks and submissions (prior to this change) will not be fixed. 

Task Notification Emails with Default Subject/Message

In versions prior to v10.1.11, task notification emails were not sent if the default subject and message were used. This is resolved for workflows created in v10.1.11+. For customers with prior version workflows that encounter this issue, you must upgrade to v10.1.11+ and take and additional step to manually upgrade your workflow to the new behavior. There are two options here.

  1. (Recommended) On the affected workflow step(s), edit the Task Notification subject and message, then save the workflow.
  2. If you have many workflows affected, or you're not sure which are affected and which aren't, please contact for steps your superuser admin can take to perform the manual upgrade on all resources.

Planning Your On Premise Upgrade

On Premise customers should review the topics below, the instructions in the Upgrade Guide and Supported Platforms before migrating.  recommends that you perform a full installation of  v10.1 when upgrading. 

v10.0 License

A v10 license key is required for this version of  if you are upgrading from a prior version. Request a v10 license by completing this form before you begin the upgrade. 

Before you begin the migration process: