The Manage Connectors page allows you to add and configure -provided connectors, such as the Docuware Connector. To get started, login as Tenant Admin and click Manage Connectors.

Add Connector

When you first come to the Manage Connectors page, you will have no connectors. Click Add to add a connector.

The Select Connector dialog will appear as a popup. Choose your connector from the dropdown. Click Select.

The Configuration screen for your selected connector will appear. Proceed to Connector Configuration.

Once you have added a connector the Add icon will turn gray. You may only add one connector per tenant at this time.

Connector Configuration


Enter your Docuware location and credentials.

Click Save. The save icon will turn light gray indicating your information was saved successfully.

The Document Actions UI will display all cabinets, but you may only send to cabinets that the user configured in the Manage Connectors page has the correct permissions to edit. Incorrect permissions will result in a "403 Forbidden Form" error. To set up your Docuware permissions, please see this Docuware Documentation and ensure the user configured in  has one of these permission combinations: