Automatic Upgrade for frevvo Online (Cloud Hosted) Customers

frevvo Online cloud-hosted customers receive a seamless automatic cloud upgrade. If you have any questions, please email

New Features 

v10.3 contains many new features and enhancements. . .  

To see all of the new features for this release visit our Detailed Release Notes page. Here are some highlights to get you started:  

Watch our What's New in v10.3 Webinar for a tour of our favorite new features!

Expanded Business Rule Functions for Upload Controls

Customers have requested the ability to access additional file attributes for upload controls from rules such as the file name and file size, and frevvo v10.3 delivers this functionality and more.

 The Upload control itself has several new properties available in the Rule Editor.

Additionally, each uploaded file will have three new properties.

All of these properties are visible in the Form Outline in Rules editing mode.

Here is an example rule that logs that accesses these file properties and displays them in the frevvo.log output.

for (var i=0; i<UploadControl.filesCount; i++) {

We've also added the ability to remove all attachments from an upload control with UploadControl.value or UploadControl.files is set to null, or to remove a specific file from upload control with UploadControl.files[index]= null. Here's an example of a rule that removes extra attachments if more than 3 are uploaded:

//Remove more than 3 attachments
 for (var i=UploadControl.filesCount-1; i>=3; i--) {
   UploadControl.files[i] = null;

See Upload Control Rule Examples for additional direction on using these new properties.

Bulk Edit Task Notification Preferences

Users' task notification preference is now included in the users.csv file. From here, you can quickly view or edit the setting for any user or for multiple users at once. The options are "OFF" or "Email". If this column is left blank or omitted from the file, the task notification will be set to Email by default. See Users CSV Upload for details.

Spaces Renamed 'Portals'

Spaces have a new name! To better reflect their purpose and usage, Spaces will now be known as Portals. You will notice this change in the Designer Menu, default text when you create a new Portal, and in the Portal Share URL.

Portals (Spaces) you created prior to v10.3 will continue to work just as they always have. If they had default text referring to "space" it will still be there. Your existing share URLs that include /space/<portal id> will continue to work. However, if you copy a new share URL (even for an existing Portal), it will now contain /portal/<portal id> instead.

DocuShare Flex Integration

 now provides a built-in DocuShare® Flex Connector. Tenant Admins will configure the Docuware integration via the new Manage Connectors page. 

Then, designers can send form/workflow submissions to DocuShare® Flex using the Document Actions UI. See the DocuShare Flex Connector chapter for additional details.

Migration Considerations

Signed Section Date Stamp in User's Timezone

In past versions, the date stamp on a signed section was in UTC. This could cause issues in some cases when forms need to be signed by a certain date in the user's zone, and the UTC date falls on the next day. The date stamp is now in the user's browser time zone.

New Column in users.csv

The users.csv contains a new column 'taskNotification' for setting Task Notification preference. If you have an automated process uploading your users.csv, you may wish to edit it to include this column. However, if this column is omitted from the users.csv entirely, the file will still validate successfully. Users' preferences will be set to Email by default. 

Portal Share URLs

Portals (previously Spaces) now have /portal/<portal id> in the Share URL. Your existing bookmarked space share URLs that have /space/<space id> will continue to work. However, if you copy the portal's share link, the link will now use the new /portal/ syntax.

Planning Your On Premise Upgrade

**Hidden - v10.3 is Cloud Only**

On Premise customers should review the topics below, the instructions in the Upgrade Guide and Supported Platforms before migrating.  recommends that you perform a full installation of  v10.3 when upgrading. 

v10.0 License

A v10 license key is required for this version of  if you are upgrading from a prior version. Request a v10 license by completing this form before you begin the upgrade. 

Before you begin the migration process: