The  Getting Started Guide takes you through the process of designing, deploying and using your first simple form/flow.  You'll quickly see how easy it is to create forms/flows with .

You must have a Live Forms account on the frevvo cloud or a working in-house installation for your platform.

Logging In

To log In to :

1) Open the login page in your browser.

2) Enter your username and password.

    • username = <your userId>@<tenantId>
    • password = <your selected password>

What happened to the tenant field? supports two different login styles. The first style has two login fields -- username and password. The username is composed of your userId followed by @ and followed by your tenantId. The second style has three login fields - username, password and tenant. Here the username is just your userId with no @ and no tenantId. Your tenantId is expected in the tenant field.

Online now uses the first style. In-house defaults to the first style but you can configure your software to switch to the second style.

When using the second style you must login as the superuser admin with username admin@d rather than just username admin.

Follow these step by step instructions to create your first form.

Follow these step by step instruction to create your first workflow.

If you'd rather jump directly into more detailed documentation describing how to design, deploy and use ™ use the navigation links to the left.

Video demonstrations and tutorials  are available for those who prefer to learn via those methods.