With  for Confluence, you can easily create forms & workflows fully integrated with Confluence without any programming.

  • Drag and drop Designer
  • Fully integrated with Confluence
  • Rich, Dynamic User Experience
  • Create/Update Confluence pages
  • Built-in Business Capabilities
  • Built-in Digital Signatures for data integrity and security
  • Works with your data, business systems, databases, Google Apps etc.
  • Conditional routing based on form data
  • Supports all standard browsers. No browser add-ons are required
  • 100% Customizable to fit into your web site
  • Security 128-bit encryption

Add-on Installation

Using the Add-on

Add-on Macros

Create/Update Pages

Merging to a Page

Workflows in Confluence

Compatability with Other Add-ons

FAQ - Confluence Live Forms Add-on

Survey Form with Excel Download in Confluence Tutorial

Quick Resources

You may notice a difference in the location of the functions to Add , flows, submissions and the Task List to Confluence pages when viewing the videos referenced above if you are using Confluence v5. These functions are located on the Tools Menu in Confluence v5. Changes are discussed in detail in the documentation.


When would I use Live Forms?

 can vary from basic event registration and contact information forms to the those forms required by sophisticated business applications such as patient registration, new client intake etc. Such business forms are often large and complex and require sophisticated layouts such as sections, repeating items (multiple addresses), tabs, expand/collapse, dynamic data and dynamic behavior and complex validations.  forms meet all these requirements and more. You can create or update existing Confluence pages, as well as merge form submission data into an existing Confluence page.

 also provides the ability to create Approval Workflows such as Vacation Request (employee requests vacation; manager approves it via a digital signature),  Patient Referral (Assistant fills in an e-form with patient/insurance information; Doctor must digitally sign it before sending to the hospital), Student Enrollment etc. These workflows are fully integrated with the logged-in Confluence user.

What is Live Forms™ Designer?

Live Forms™ Designer leverages Ajax technologies to enable you to easily create rich, dynamic, Web 2.0 forms and workflows using your standard browser without ever leaving Confluence. These forms and workflows satisfy the demands of real business applications and provide a rich user experience that is far beyond typical forms-based applications. Nothing needs to be installed on your computer - the designer runs completely in your existing web browser. 

Form Submissions

Form submissions can easily be integrated with real business applications. Forms can be configured to: